The Joy Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization, which provides scholarships for underprivileged children and for children who consistent display academic excellence so that they may continue to strive for excellence. The Foundation also holds ten English performances a year free of charge through its Joy English Drama Club, which also provides free classes to children interested in theater.

We are inspired by our vision to bolster success in academics; success that will empower children to impact the world around them. A world of students who are lifelong learners—innovative, dedicated, and responsible. A world where students and parents, teachers, and policy makers who share a vision to improve education for all.

We hold ourselves to high standards to inspire each other to strive for something greater than the status quo. The work we do involves solving problems children face and tackling issues that parents care dearly about: The education and well-being of their children. This involves being a leading voice illuminating what works in education; evaluating methods that profoundly impact the course of learning, showing which educational practices can be adopted, and create original content on teaching and parenting effectively.

We are educators, researchers, academic specialists, and highly engaged parents—parents such as yourself.