Joy Educational Foundation

The Joy Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization that offers scholarships to underprivileged and academically talented children, enabling them to achieve excellence. We set high standards to inspire children to surpass the status quo, addressing children's challenges and the concerns of parents about education and overall well-being. We strive to be a leading voice in education, evaluating impactful methods, promoting effective teaching and parenting practices, and creating original educational content.

Joy Educational Foundation

The Joy Education Foundation established the "Joy English Drama Club" in 2004, with the primary mission to promote English drama and drama education. It was founded with the aim of using theatrical performances to help children better understand the themes and language in scripts while enhancing their language skills. In addition to fostering artistic development, the focus of the drama club lies in developing physical, vocal, and creative potential and nurturing a sense of discipline, honor, and responsibility among children.

Horizon Academy

Horizon Academy, established by the Joy Education Foundation, is an innovative educational institution dedicated to foster inquisitive minds, cultivating critical thinking, and nurturing creativity in children. Through trilingual teaching and incorporating a Content and Language Integrated Learning approach (CLIL), we aim to empower children to become confident, globally aware, and adaptable lifelong learners, prepared for life beyond the classroom.

Joy Choir

Founded in 1975 by Joy English's Chairperson, Mr. Chen Ping-San, Joy Choir aims to infuse music into people's lives and promote English learning while creating Taiwan's first choir specializing in English songs. Through holding weekly rehearsals, hosting annual concerts, and frequently participating in charitable and philanthropic performances, Joy Choir aspires to give back to society and spread the spirit of giving, goodwill, and celebration to everyone.