Our English-Learning Programs

Our programs accommodate a wide range of learners and are specially designed to fit the needs of each group—from kindergarten-aged children to young adults preparing for the TOEIC examination.

Pre-school Classes

This program uses stories, songs, and chants to teach English and foster students' interests. Students are encouraged to speak English while taking part in plays, art, cooking projects, and games.

Elementary Level

This program is designed specifically for young elementary school students. Employing STEAM, interdisciplinary learning approach, and utilizing our E-Teaching Toolkit, this program aims to develop students' English-speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

Intermediate Level

This program is designed to help students reach an intermediate GEPT Level. By engaging in reading, discussing, and writing about various topics, students are expected to learn more complex grammar patterns and be able to write compositions and do presentations confidently.

Advanced Level

This is a program designed to comply with the senior high school curriculum. Diversified topics are used to cultivate students' ability to think in English and express themselves. Extensive learning of vocabulary, phrases, grammar and patterns, reading and writing skills, as well as building up the competence required at university level.

GEPT Classes

This class is designed specifically to prepare students for the General English Proficiency Test. It covers in detail vocabulary, phrases, grammar, sentence structures, reading, and writing. Students are also taught test-taking strategies.

TOEIC Classes

This is a comprehensive program designed for young adults to help them do well on the TOEIC by providing vocabulary and grammar tips, as well as practical test-taking strategies.