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A Reputation for Quality

Over the years, Joy English has built a solid reputation for being an innovative publisher of quality teaching and learning materials for English. We produce a progressive range of materials for exam preparations, English education, reference guides, and teacher training. Our publishing division is backed by 35 years of English teaching experience and by specialists who are well versed on the needs of EFL students as well as the teachers.

Our materials are well designed, easy to use, and employ systematic and logical methodologies which enable students to become more effective at learning vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, speaking, and writing. In addition, we strive to promote critical and creative thinking; encourage the development of individuals who will make a positive contribution to society; and bring to light many of the issues we face in education, society, environment, and health.

Joy to the World

Joy to the World is a monthly English-learning magazine that celebrates the world. Each issue introduces young readers to a country and its fascinating history, culture, people, and their everyday life in fun and interesting ways.

Tiny Tots

A fantastic treasury of stories that will ignite young children's imagination. The series features adaptations of well-known classics, including "The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats," "The Girl and the Glass Shoe," "The Honest Woodcutter," "Little Red," "The Great Race," and "Uncle Sam's Turnip." This beautifully illustrated collection contains pages full of surprises that will delight young readers and take them on an enchanting reading adventure.

Wee Kids

The collection brings together six beloved stories: "The Three Little Pigs," "The Ugly Duckling," "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," "The Frog Prince," "Pinocchio," and "The Town Musicians of Bremen." The series features beautifully illustrated pages, rich with detail, to introduce these timeless tales to a new generation of children.

Joy for Young Readers

Joy for Young Readers is a series featuring attractive pictures and daily conversations. It invites children to learn vocabulary, comprehend reading materials, and develop their imagination.

Tales of Joy

Tales of Joy is designed for younger students, taking a gradual, step-by-step approach to presenting lessons. Children learn useful vocabulary, dialogues, and sentence patterns through beloved fairy tales and stories.

Magic Joy

Magic Joy takes children on a magical English learning journey with vibrant, memorable, and beautifully rendered characters. The series embraces a communicative approach to language learning, emphasizing communication over strict grammatical or linguistic competence.

Joy Discovery

Joy Discovery employs a multi-dimensional approach, incorporating role-playing, songs, cooking, art and crafts. It emphasizes English comprehension and communication skills while using the language to explore various subjects, including math, science, nature, culture, and more.

Beyond Magic

Beyond Magic, a 6-book series aims to help students achieve proficiency in English. It uses diverse topics to cultivate students' interest and ability, compiling vocabulary, patterns, reading, and writing skills for effective learning. The series also emphasizes strategies that foster critical thinking and problem-solving.

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